Teletalk Internet Offer 2020

Today I am showing Teletalk Internet Offer 2020. I will share with you Teletalk All internet packages and offers. Teletalk customers can access all packages from this website

Teletalk is favorite sim for Bangladeshi students. Their Internet offers them love. They are Bangladeshi SIM, they provide students with free SIM, and they are also the cheapest internet with the lowest prices.

I’ll show you Teletalk Internet Offer at low price.Something that you can see in table form.

Teletalk Internet Offer 2020

Teletalk is bringing new data packs their prepaid customers. These offers can be enjoyed by all Teletalk Sim users. I have published in the form of a list for you

InternetPriceUSSD CodeValidityRecharge
1GBBDT.23*111*611#7 daysBDT. 23
1GBBDT.46*111*46#30 daysBDT.46
2GBBDT.85*111*85#30 daysBDT.85
3GBBDT.63*111*63#10 daysBDT.63
5GBBDT.97*111*97#10 daysBDT.97
10GBBDT.198*111*198#15 daysBDT.198

Teletalk Regular Data Packs

InternetPrice BDTUSSD CodeValidityRecharge
60 MBBDT 9*111*501#3 daysBDT 9
3GBBDT 33*111*33#3 daysBDT 33
250MBBDT 24*111*503#7 daysBDT 24
500MBBDT 39*111*513#10 daysBDT 39
2.5GBBDT 78*111*511#10 daysBDT 78
3GBBDT 201*111*531#30 daysBDT 201
5GBBDT 301*111*532#30 daysBDT 301
8GBBDT 391*111*533#30 daysBDT 391
10 GBBDT 445*111*550#30 daysBDT 445
15GBBDT 649*111*551#30 daysBDT 649
30GBBDT 1169*111*553#30 daysBDT 1169
45GB       BDT 1669*111*554#30 daysBDT 1669
65GBBDT  2225*111*555#30 daysBDT 2225

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