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GP Internet Offer 2021 for all grameenphone customers. I share with you Grameenphone All their internet deals have been modified recently. You can easily purchase this GP Internet offer from our website.

GP Internet Offer 2021

If you’re looking for a GP Internet offer 2021. if yes, then you’re in the right place now .I’m going to publish these offers next to you in the form of a list. so there is no problem activating your offers. Low-cost Internet packages These deals will be enabled by all GP prepaid customers. Check out the list below and pick one of the deals.

Total InternetPrice BDTActivation CodeValidity
5MB2.62  BDT*121*3002#3 days
350MB33 BDT*121*3083#3 days
115MB58 BDT*121*3005#30 days
85MB28 BDT*121*3004#7 days
555MB149 BDT*121*3007#28 days
1538MB239 BDT*121*3027#30 days
2GB54 BDT*121*3242#3 days
1GB89 BDT*121*3056#7 days
3GB + Free 3GB108 BDT*121*3344#7 days
8GB (2GB 4G)148 BDT*121*3262#7 days
10GB + 10GB Free198 BDT*121*3133#7 days
1GB189 BDT*121*3390#30 days
3GB289 BDT*121*3391#30 days
5GB (1GB 4G)299 BDT*121*3458#30 days
8GB (2GB 4G)399 BDT*121*3392#30 days
15GB498 BDT*121*3459#30 days
15GB649 BDT*121*3393#30 days
20GB (4G)499 BDT*121*3435#30 days
30GB998 BDT*121*3394#30 days
50GB (4G)999 BDT*121*3436#30 days
100GB (4G)1499 BDT*121*3437#30 days
Whatapp pack 26MB2.61 BDT*121*3063#3 days
Viber pack 26 MB2.61 BDT*121*3070#3 days
Facebook1.57 BDT*121*3022#3 days
Emergency data loan (12MB)5 BDT*121*3021#3 days
Facebook19 BDT*121*3024#28 days
Facebook6.28 BDT*121*3023#7 days

What you see here is the Maine Offers GP Daily Internet Product that I’m going to show you now.

Also Check GP 1GB Offer 2021

GP Internet Offer 1Gb 17 Taka

Now i am showing gp internet offer 1GB 17 taka with activation code. Which not all subscribers to Grameenphone can buy

  • Total 1GB Internet
  • Price 17 BDT
  • Activation code is *121*5003#
  • This offer validity 15 days.
  • Only SMS Received users only.

GP Internet Offer 2Gb 17 Taka

This is the most popular internet deal on GP right now. You will receive 2 Internet-only 17 Taka This offer is open to all less Follow the instructions below to enable the offer

  • GP Internet Offer 2Gb 17 Taka
  • Activation code is *121*3544#
  • validity this offer 30 days
  • Active this offer maximum of 2 times
  • Only SMS Received user only

GP internet offer 1GB 50tk

Now this is gp interne offer 1Gb 50 Tk. Here you will be given 1gb internet only 50 Tk active this offer Follow the instructions.

  • GP internet offer 1GB 50tk
  • Activation code is *121*3844#
  • validity this offer 07 days
  • Active this offer unlimited times
  • All Grammenphone customer active this offer

GP 1GB Internet Offer 2021

Which they updated this new year 2021 Which I collected from the internet condition is that the offers might not be active for you and try to see what the harm is Check the list below and pick one of the offers

Internet PriceActivation Code validity
1GB5 BDT*500*45#7 days
1GB09 BDT*121*5233#28 days
1GB18 BDT*121*3234#7 days
1GB21 BDT*121*5097#7 days
1GB31 BDT*121*5087#5 days
1GB50 BDT*121*3390#30 days

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