Banglalink Internet Offer 2021

Are you looking for the 2021 Banglalink Internet Offer? Then you don’t have to go anywhere else; you’re in the right place to share the most purchased Banglalink internet offer with you. I collected it for you. If you have thoroughly read this full article, you can securely get a bl internet package from here.

Banglalink Internet Offer

The internet offer from Banglalink comes with new updates that I have published before you in the form of a list! You can buy this offer from Very Easy Ways Visit this page to purchase an internet package from all the internet Banglalink deals packages. From this list, customers can scan and learn about all internet packages. All Banglalink prepaid clients will activate these offers. Check out the list below and choose one of the offers.

InternetPrice BDTActivation
2 MB85 Paisha*5000*519#1 Day
3 MBBDT 1.5*5000*518#1 Day
9 MBBDT. 3*5000*513#1 Day
12 MBBDT. 4*5000*520#1 Day
32 MBBDT. 9*5000*529#1 Day
45 MBBDT. 10*5000*543#1 Day
60 MBBDT. 15*5000*502#3 Days
75 MBBDT. 13*5000*543#4 Days
100 MBBDT. 20*5000*522#7 Days
120 MBBDT. 50*5000*523#30 Days
160 MBBDT. 30*5000*501#7 Days
250 MBBDT. 75*5000*517#10 Days
300 MBBDT. 99*5000*503#30 Days
500 MBBDT. 100*5000*582#7 Days
600 MBBDT. 150*5000*504#30 Days
1 GBBDT. 36*5000*36#4 Days
1 GBBDT. 76*5000*76#7 Days
1 GBBDT. 199*5000*503#30 Days
1GBBDT. 210*5000*581#30 Days
1.5 GBBDT. 275*5000*511#30 Days
2 GBBDT. 49*5000*49#4 Days
2 GBBDT. 209*5000*581#30 Days
2 GBBDT. 350*5000*506#30 Days
3 GBBDT. 99*5000*799#7 Days
5 GBBDT. 108*5000*108#7 Days
4 GBBDT. 500*5000*508#30 Days
8 GBBDT. 900*5000*509#30 Days
10 GBBDT. 199*5000*199#7 Days
15 GBBDT. 1500*5000*510#30 Days
1 GB YoutubeBDT. 19*5000*345#2 Days
250 MB IMOBDT. 10*5000*725#7 Days
100 MB Social packBDT. 07*5000*576#7 Days
30 MB FacebookBDT. 1.5*5000*414#4 Days

You can recharge these offers and enjoy You can activate by dialling. This offer is shown in a diagram here is a bl internet offer for you. This listed the Internet’s quantity, price and length. The number you want this list to follow will be redeemed. I assume you can do that quickly.

InternetValidityPrice BDTBonus onActivation CodeRecharge
500 MB7 DaysBDT 49500 MBDial *5000*588#BDT 49
1.5 GB7 DaysBDT 991.5 GBDial *5000*799#BDT 99
2.5 GB7 DaysBDT 1922.5 GBDial *5000*577#BDT 129
1.5 GB30 DaysBDT 2091.5 GBDial *5000*581#BDT 209
3.0 GB30 DaysBDT 3993.0 GBDial *5000*599#BDT 399
5 GB30 DaysBDT 4995 GBDial *124*50#BDT 499

This offer name is banglalink Amar offer. Here you will find Banglalink Internet Offer 1GB only this just dial USSD code *888#.If you are eligible, you can activate this offer through this code

Banglalink Internet Offer 1GB 17 Taka only to activate this offer dial *5000*14# all banglalink Customer get this banglalink internet offer 2021 Check your Internet balance just dial *5000*500#

  • All Banglalink (BL) Customer active all internet offer
  • To activate the package, use Active Code to recharge this offer.
  • Check your balance *5000*500#
  • use internet 4G/3G/2G any mode
  • VAT,SD & SC applicable


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