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Today I will share Airtel Internet Offer 2021 Airtel has brought in our customer’s new updated internet offer I will show you here, at the very least, highlight all the Internet packages Which you can easily collect from here

Airtel brings great internet offers to its SIM users. These offers are available to all Airtel prepaid customers. These offers have been published on their official website. However, I will save you the best internet publishing on this web site

Airtel Internet Offer 2021

Airtel is a well-known telecommunications company in Bangladesh. They always come up with some nice offers for their customers. Here we are attempting to list all the shipments by 2021.

Total MinuteValidityPrice BDTActive Code
500MB 3 Days29 BDT*123*025#
1GB 4GB 3 Days22 BDT*123*022#
1.5 GB 3 Days38 BDT*123*038#
1.5GB  50 Min,         7 Days98 BDT*123*098#
1.5GB 7 Days89 BDT*123*089#
2GB 5 Days59 BDT*123*059#
2GB 3 Days44 BDT*123*044#
3GB 7 Days104 BDT*123*104# 
1GB  100Min 100SMS 7 Days  148 BDT*123*148#
3GB 3 Days54 BDT*123*054#
1GB FB & Ins,30 Days12 BDT*123*012#
1GB Play PUBG   30 Days33 BDT*123*033#
2GB 30 Days229 BDT*123*229#
5GB  7 Days129 BDT*123*129#
5GB  10 Days159 BDT*123*159#
6GB 10 Days159 BDT*123*159#
6GB 7 Days148 BDT*123*148#
7GB 10 Days179 BDT*123*179#
7GB 30 Days498 BDT*123*498#
10GB 7 Days149 BDT*123*0199#
10GB 28 Days399 BDT*121*052#
20GB 28 Days599 BDT*121*053#
30GB 30 Days998 BDT*123*998#

Airtel Recharge Package 2021

I’ll show you who on this list Airtel Recharge Package 2021 You can activate this internet offers only by recharging This is the best internet deal in Bangladesh. Which all Airtel customers are going to love.

60 MB3 Days17 BDT
150 MB7 Days27 BDT
1GB + 512MB Social7 Days89 BDT
1.5 GB28 Days209 BDT
3 GB10 Days129 BDT
3 GB28 Days298 BDT
4 GB28 Days398 BDT
5 GB28 Days498 BDT
3 GB 2 GB Bonus28 Days517 BDT
6 GB90 Days863 BDT
50 MB7 Days34 BDT
500 MB7 Days88 BDT
2 GB 3G 1 GB 4G7 Days38 BDT

Airtel Internet Offer 1GB 22Tk

Hi Friends, Airtel has confirmed a 1 GB Internet arrangement for the 4 G network. If you would like to open a deal on the website, please allow this to happen. The bid will cost 22 taka and will last for 3 days. It is expanded to 4 G of SIM. Buy this great web bundle for you easily. Have a conversation with your other colleagues. You could get some details about the USSD system. Press*123* 022#to get a statement. It’s three days in length.

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Airtel Social Package 2021

Today, I’m back with Airtel’s great social internet offer 2021. All of their clients have been provided with attractive internet access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube social media. The subscribers of Airtel would enjoy it.

InternetValidityActivation codePrice BDT  
4 MB Facebook1 Day*121*92#2 BDT
50 MB Facebook2 Days*121*90#5 BDT
100 MB Facebook7 Days*121*126#35 BDT
120 MB Facebook3 Days*121*91#10 BDT
250 MB Facebook15 Days*121*125#80 BDT
500 MB Facebook30 Days*121*124#150 BDT
75 MB Video pack2 Days*121*641#10 BDT
400 MB Video pack7 Days*121*642#50 BDT
1 GB Video pack30 Days*121*643#130 BDT

Airtel MB offer 2021

Are you looking for Airtel’s MB offer? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place,We have brought you Airtel MB offers at the lowest prices to make your internet operation much easier and you can get Airtel’s Best Dil T at low prices.

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